Improving the Customer Experience – #1 Reason for Digital Signage

According to Digital Signage Future Trends 2017 from, “In a 2016 survey 60 percent of retailers listed ‘improved customer service’ as a key benefit of digital signage, and 100 percent chose ‘increased customer engagement’ as a key benefit. Financial institutions also listed ‘customer engagement’ as the top reason companies will invest in digital signage in the next two years, followed by ‘increased customer engagement’ at 49.3 percent and ‘branding’ at 45.8 percent.”

Digital signage is a powerfully effective strategy for improving the customer experience and increasing engagement. The innovative form factors and amazing image quality of today’s displays attracts attention even from a distance, and can hold customer attention while providing important information, sales support, assistance and entertainment.

Digital signage content can be easily created, manipulated, updated and enhanced at a moment’s notice, offering an amazing degree of flexibility that’s not possible with static signs. What’s more, digital signage allows for interactivity with visitors and customers to the point of one-to-one personalization.

Here are some examples of how digital signage can be used to improve your customer experiences.

Welcome Screens – Make your best first impression with digital signage at entryways to highlight your brand with relationship messaging, eye-catching pictures, videos and graphics.

Wayfinding Displays – Use wayfinding displays throughout the facility to direct patrons to their destination quickly and easily. Digital displays can be touch screen enabled for greater convenience.

Digital Kiosks – Take advantage of the selling power of digital displays by showing more products than your floor plan allows. Customers can browse additional inventory options, get ample product information and make purchase decisions on the spot. And at times when sales floor product experts are not available, use digital signage kiosks to provide video chat opportunities with experts for customers needing extra assistance.

Digital Menu Boards – Whether your business is food or services, use digital menu boards to highlight specific items, promote special offers and deliver up-to-date information in real time.

Infotainment – The checkout line and customer service station are ideal locations for digital signage. These are effective opportunities to educate, market and influence customer purchase decisions. Have long lines? Reduce the perceived wait time by displaying brand-supporting entertainment.

Make it Personal – Thanks to Beacon technology using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), digital signage can engage customers through their mobile devices and create a personalized experience that entices the customer into the store. A customer with the store’s app on their device and Bluetooth enabled will trigger compatible digital signage nearby to display content and special offers directed at that particular customer.

Digital signage and an effective content strategy can elevate your in-store/in-facility experience like never before possible. If you can make your customers feel valued and empowered, you are well on the way to creating a degree of loyalty that can compete with the online experience and give them every reason to come back.