What’s on your mind?

It’s our New Year’s resolution. LG Commercial Displays wants to get to know you better in 2017, to make sure you get the information you need to make the absolute most of your digital signage projects. And so we’ll be reaching out to you with surveys and more via this blog, our monthly newsletter, Spiceworks and our social media channels to get your input and suggestions. We want you to bring us your challenges, too.

Have you seen our new website yet? Is has a wealth of information available, and we’ll be adding more whitepapers/eBooks and webinars as the year progresses. But right now, start thinking about what topics you’d like to see covered right here on this blog. And in case you haven’t subscribed to our monthly newsletter, now’s a great time. Subscribe now.

Thanks in advance. We’re looking forward to serving you better and making you a bigger part of the brand.