Installation Inspiration: The LG OLED Wave at CES 2020

LG Commercial Displays mesmerized CES® 2020 spectators and welcomed them to the LG booth with a spectacular exhibition called the LG OLED Wave.

The awe-inspiring installation featured 200 open frame, 55-inch LG OLED digital signage screens, tiled into a show-stopping spectacle that demonstrated LG OLED’s unrivaled picture quality and flexibility.

The LG OLED Wave was created with 128 convex and concave screens, and 72 flat screens. Measuring 20 feet high and 82 feet wide, the exhibit immersed CES attendees in a breathtaking journey of discovery, displaying the glory of the natural world as it has never been seen before, accompanied by a choreographed audio soundtrack.

This is the fourth year that LG has delighted CES attendees with an LG OLED showstopper. First came the LG OLED Tunnel in 2017, followed by the LG OLED Canyon in 2018, and the LG OLED Falls last year. You can read about them all in our blog archives.

Display experts agree that LG OLED is the most evolved display technology on the planet, delivering stunning pictures with perfect black, incredible contrast and intense colors from virtually any vantage point. Self-lighting pixels, which can be turned on and off individually, help make images incredibly lifelike. Without the need for a backlight, LG OLED displays are extremely lightweight and thin, allowing for screens that can be mounted perfectly flush to a wall, or made flexible enough to be rolled up like a poster.

See the LG OLED Wave in action in this video from CNET: