LG SuperSign Resource Center Makes It Easy to Get Started with Digital Signage

LG SuperSign software for digital signage offers much to businesses while being easy on the budget. Our new online resource center (link below) makes it easy to select and download the SuperSign solution that best fits your needs.

What is LG SuperSign?

LG SuperSign is turnkey digital signage software for LG standard and outdoor signage, video walls, interactive displays, and SuperSign TVs. The software selections are ideal for small or medium-sized businesses that need an easy, eye-catching and effective way to communicate with their customers.

Besides the powerful capabilities, SuperSign’s intuitive GUI and straightforward layout enhances user-friendliness, saving users from having to go through a complicated learning process. SuperSign software solutions provide convenient content management, monitoring and control, and white balance calibration. Different levels of software are available based on intended use and business requirements:

Content Management solutions include all-in-one SuperSign CMS for editing, scheduling, and distribution with mobile management; LG Simple Editor for use with LG SuperSign TVs; and SuperSign Media Editor for use with asymmetrical video walls or LG Ultra Stretch signage.

Monitoring and Control solutions include all-in-one SuperSign Control+ with remote control via single server; a basic SuperSign Control for up to 100 displays via network; and LED Assistant for use with LG DVLED signage.

White Balance Calibration via SuperSign WB facilitates adjustment of video walls via camera or sensor.

Also available on the SuperSign Resource Center are Legacy Software final releases, including SuperSign Editor and SuperSign W-Lite Server – content management software for editing, scheduling, and distribution.

Find all you need at the LG SuperSign Software Resource Center today.