Introducing Doable DVLED: LG Pre-Engineered Direct View LED Display Kits Simplify Decision-Making, Installation and Use

Introducing Doable DVLED: LG Pre-Engineered Direct View LED Display Kits Simplify Decision-Making, Installation and Use


LG Business Solutions has introduced perhaps the most useful set of pre-engineered Direct View LED (DVLED) displays to simplify the process of deciding which display will best fit your needs and figuring out how to put it all together.

While DVLED technology has many standout benefits, it has long been saddled with a custom burden – whichever type of display you want would require very complicated conversations and lots of engineering resources to take the scalable modular technology and create a beautiful, amazing display.

Not anymore. LG has resolved those hurdles for most common display needs by creating a wide selection of pre-engineered DVLED kits that do it all. This new, simplified approach to DVLED deployment makes it easy for businesses to access their desired DVLED, incorporate DVLED displays, and enjoy the advantages LG brings to the table.

It’s an exciting way to bring DVLED technology into places where it wasn’t previously considered.

LG’s pre-engineered DVLED solutions include indoor fine-pitch displays in a variety of screen sizes and resolutions (2K, 4K, 8K), IP65-rated outdoor displays, and custom-configured displays for scoreboard use, both indoor and outdoor.

What’s included? All parts and components for each kit, except for mounting and trim pieces, are packaged in a ready-to-assemble bundle under its own single SKU header. This means the LG DVLED panels, 4K LG controller, 2% Spare modules (Commercial), Spare boards and parts, and service tools. The mounting and trim pieces are available from third-party solution providers.

The differentiators between kits are primarily determined by use case, with each end result having the right resolution, the right pixel pitch, and the right design that can go into the right environment.

At the heart of LG DVLED display kits is LG’s webOS Signage platform, which provides a straightforward on-screen user interface, allows for easy remote control setup, works with ambient light sensors for automatic brightness adjustment, enables screen sharing via Miracast and WiDi, and includes store, schedule, and playback functions.

Another LG differentiator is the sophisticated controller that works with webOS Signage. It simplifies system control with built-in quad core SoC (System-on-Chip), built-in media player, on-board 3.6GB flash storage, remote control, built-in AV-over-IP (Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol) decoder that can simultaneously display up to four 4K RTSP video streams, built-in scaling capability, and automatic brightness adjustment.

Now that all these components are in a kit, how do you package it? LG has an accommodating solution. LG DVLED kits ship in their own new, branded, wheeled flight cases. It’s premium-grade protection for each display, and it means no more searching to make sure you received every box. Simply roll the case into your space – no forklifts or pallet jacks needed.

Another advantage of the LG DVLED kits is total service and support at no extra charge. This includes in-field training, 3 years of LG TotalCare coverage, 3 years LG ConnectedCare, 3 years software licensing and 5 years LG ExtendedCare limited warranty.

Now you can comfortably get into DVLED technology without fear of being unsuccessful. Learn more about LG pre-engineered Direct View LED Display Kit offerings here.