LG Digital Signage gets personal with
Beacon and BLE

There are good reasons for retailers and other consumer environments to provide a mobile app for their customers. But when that app is able to locate and react to Beacon technology, it’s a whole new selling game. It then becomes a smart strategy for engaging customers as they are walking by, or into, the store. That’s why LG has seen a major advantage in building Beacon technology support into our window-facing signage and other displays for retail and QSR.

Beacon technology expands a store’s marketing, branding and loyalty options. With it, customers can receive personalized content on their app-equipped smartphones (or tablets), such as a welcome greeting, coupon, product information, call to action, etc. What’s more, beacons also create the ability to interrupt digital signage content running on a display and show customized messaging to a nearby customer.

How Beacons work

Beacons are small radio transmitters that continually send out Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals in search of app-equipped smartphones within their proximity. For beacons to do their job, however, the customer’s smartphone must have Bluetooth turned on. Once the two connect the beacon triggers a message that pops up on the device’s screen to begin the customer engagement process.

How do beacons know the customer? The smartphone’s app can leverage back-end CRM systems and use the customer data to trigger the right message at just the right time. And if you have beacon-supporting digital signage placed throughout the store the technology can track the path the customer takes and trigger cross-selling and upselling messages across different departments.

LG digital signage displays for retail and QSR support Beacon and BLE technology. Use them throughout your store to make your customer experience more personal, exciting and rewarding than ever before.