LG Health Protocol Solutions Let Businesses Communicate Essential Messaging Right Where It’s Needed

LG Health Protocol Solutions Let Businesses Communicate Essential Messaging Right Where It’s Needed

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and businesses across the country begin phased reopening, there remains an urgent need to communicate critical messaging to employees, customers and the public at large. A very effective way to do that is with digital signage.

As we’ve long known, digital signage can excel at attracting attention, displaying bright, clear content and compelling people to act. In retail, for example, digital signage usually attracts attention with advertisements for a sale, new product information or special offers. Today, however, there’s a new content strategy – one that helps ensure the health and safety of customers and employees.

Retail businesses can use digital signage to raise awareness of CDC guidelines for social distancing, mask wearing and routine hand washing. They can highlight special store hours and maximum occupancy limitations, display maps of store layouts, wayfinding information and directional routes to manage foot traffic through aisles. They can integrate with point-of-sale systems to show product availability and purchase limits for select items.

Another example is the workplace, where digital signage can be used at main entrances to point the way to temperature sensing stations, and display important public health information in hallways, cafeterias and other common areas. It can provide ongoing support for employees with the latest company news and announcements. And much like we’ve seen in healthcare facilities, digital signage can be used to help create a calming atmosphere, with tranquil scenic imagery, digital art and inspirational quotes.

During this time of crisis, digital signage heightens one of its greatest strengths by getting messages seen by as many people as possible – messages that can be updated or changed in real time, even remotely from a central location. What’s more, with currently available display mobility kits, digital signage can be placed virtually anywhere the message needs to be seen. Right now, LG is offering special digital signage packages for businesses like grocers, restaurants, home improvement centers, medical clinics, pharmacies, banks and more.

LG’s portfolio of digital signage displays includes high-haze outdoor and semi-outdoor models, indoor smart platform Ultra HD and HD displays, ultra-stretch screens, menu boards, video walls, and high-brightness window-facing signage, all of which can help deliver essential information in the right place at the right time to the right audience.

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