LG Hospital Grade Personal Smart Touch Screen TV Entertains, Engages and Educates Patients

LG Hospital Grade Personal Smart Touch Screen TV Entertains, Engages and Educates Patients

It’s a smart solution for enhancing the patient experience. The 15-inch touch screen TV 15LT766A is UL Listed for use in healthcare facilities, which ensures a safe product for patient room use. It can be used as an arm TV, with low-voltage, power over coax (PoC) – using a single cable to bring both power and content to the TV through the arm. The display panel is designed so that it can be cleaned thoroughly, and the rounded corners of the TV reduce the possibility of the TV bumping harshly into staff, patients or family visitors.

The Full HD multi-touch screen recognizes the presence of more than two points of contact with the surface, allowing multiple users in a hospital setting to experience interactive services (e.g., doctor and patient) and entertainment (e.g., patient and family). And IPS technology provides a true wide viewing angle so all can clearly see the picture with virtually no image degradation.

With its multi-touch screen and integrated webOS 3.5, a platform that facilitates solutions from Patient Engagement Solution Providers in the industry, the TV can enable the use of a patient-specific education system. In the hospital, effective communication between the patient, family members and clinical team is key to a better patient experience and good outcomes. Using a patient education system also reduces the need for paper collateral and can eliminate the need for printed material about the patient’s condition.

With a patient education system in place, hospitals can use the 15LT766A to send the patient educational video content specific to their diagnosis and treatment, and even verify that the patient has viewed it. If the treatment calls for diet restrictions, for example, the patient can select a menu option from the welcome screen and set up their diet plan while they are in the hospital. The hospital may also provide daily updates and the discharge date on the welcome screen, as well as a patient discharge survey. At every step of the way, the personal smart touch screen TV can help engage the patient in their own care while lending an accommodating digital bedside manner.

The 15LT766A as well as other LG hospital grade TVs can bring expanded ROI to the facility in four key ways:

1) A large portion of the ROI could come from movie rentals, as LG’s integrated Pro:Idiom® enables access to premium HD content, monetizing with the ability to provide premium services for patients.

2) Provide the patient with pre-loaded applications, including many popular games, YouTube, web browser and others, for expanded, homelike entertainment.

3) Reduce risk by educating patients and doing it in a way that is attractive to them.

4) Provide patients with a discharge survey where the hospital can be scored based on the patient experience. The ability to rent movies, play games, select a preferred meal menu and view specific diagnosis and care information on the TV can enhance the patient experience and result in higher survey scores.

LG offers the widest range of TVs to suit virtually any hospital need and budget. Hospitals have found that partnering with LG for hospital grade televisions is good for their patients, and good for business.