Working From Home Can Be Easier With the Right Gear

Working From Home Can Be Easier With the Right Gear

Right now many businesses are encountering unique challenges as their employees transition to working from home. Amid all the disruption the goal is to help keep everyone safe, and to try to carry on as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible.

Working from home can be tough. Even tougher without the right equipment. People unaccustomed to working from home may not be set up for high productivity. Many might not have the spare space or even a desk, and some are getting quite creative with their makeshift workstations.

When it comes to high productivity, LG can help. We have a full selection of easy to set up IT solutions such as ultrawide computer monitors, super-lightweight laptops, and secure cloud computing products that can make exceptionally good rigs during these stay-at-home times. And after. Let’s look at a few.

If you have a desk or spare table, the 49-inch Curved UltraWide Dual QHD IPS Monitor makes multitasking super simple with four feet of beautiful digital workspace. Besides having more than double the pixels of standard 27-inch monitors, it’s wide enough to view multiple screens at once.

With just one cable you can connect this display with your other devices for data sharing and laptop charging. Additionally, a dual controller enables management of multiple devices via a single mouse and keyboard.

When your quiet space could vanish when the kids wake up, the LG gram 17 is the ultimate lightweight, go-anywhere powerhouse. With a crisp, vivid 17-inch IPS display in a 15-inch frame, and weighing under 3 lbs., the LG gram 17 is easy to work with, easy to carry, and packed with performance. And the screen’s 16:10 aspect ratio provides plenty of room to view information that might otherwise be hidden with smaller, conventional screens.

Don’t worry about needing an AC outlet nearby, as the LG gram 17’s heavy-duty battery lasts up to 19.5 hours. What’s more, Windows 10 Pro with the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (i7) can reliably handle a heavy workload quickly and efficiently.

If your business uses a VDI, LG Thin Client or Zero Client cloud endpoints can help keep your information secure and accessible from virtually any location. So create a home office for success. LG’s variety of form factors, and the company’s excellence in display products, can add value to a remote virtual work environment with better performance, and lower costs.

LG IT Solutions are built with cutting-edge technology and in accordance with LG’s rigorous quality standards. When you choose LG, working from home can still be efficient. Take care and stay safe.