LG introduced an amazing display of buzz
at DSE 2016

LG put the buzz back into digital signage at the Digital Signage Expo 2016. The booth was packed every day, and the overall reaction was that LG is changing the game. We heard we hit it out of the park, and that this is LG’s year. Who are we to argue with such a fantastic reception? And so we extend a huge thanks to all who attended—we really appreciated your excitement.

For those that didn’t make it to the show, here’s a quick recap. In our spotlight were the 86-inch Ultra Stretch displays in application settings, plus our new line of OLED commercial displays in three innovative designs. Clover and webOS added to the momentum.

The Stretch expanded imaginations.

The 86-inch Ultra Stretch display was very well received, generating a lot more requests for quotes than we were expecting. People were reacting. They got it, and they understood how the stretch display could be used in unique locations. Right off the bat, many thought of the perfect spots it would work in portrait or landscape formats. A big interest came from retail, with a range of brands asking to test one.

OLED astonished.

LG’s OLED was a real eye-opener. In dual-view curved tiling and flat designs as well as a single-view arched model, these commercial displays will enable businesses to do things they’ve never done before. Many at the booth had never seen the perfect blacks and intense colors on LG consumer OLED TVs, so the OLED displays had amazing stopping power.

We had to keep telling people the OLEDs were not a concept technology or future technology for LG. They are a today technology. LG has already launched them and we can do customized installations now.

LG OLED displays can be used in spaces never before considered to create an unrivaled customer experience that generates word of mouth, drives foot traffic and adds more to your bottom line. But don’t take our word for it; take a look at these videos:

N Seoul Tower

Incheon International Airport

If you are ready to experience what LG OLED can do for a business, reach out to us and we will engage immediately. And if you’re interested in our flat dual-view OLED displays, those will be coming out shortly.

Clover mesmerized.

Our Clover video wall technology saw a lot of attention too, as we had it in a 3 x 6 array—that’s huge. Visitors got to see the virtually seamless video wall with its amazingly thin bezel up close, and they were impressed that we are already shipping it.

And webOS made things easy.

Finally, we had quite a number of conversations around our smart webOS platform. With webOS software integrators or CMS managers can build an application that would reside in the display. WebOS eliminates the need for an external media player, simplifies installation and maintenance, and enables remote monitoring and self-diagnosis from PCs or mobile devices. It’s an ideal solution for SMBs.

If you missed the DSE 2016 excitement, we have a Washington DC Roadshow coming up in early May. And of course, we’ll be back at the Las Vegas Convention Center with the same booth location for InfoComm in June. Stay tuned for details, or click here to subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest.