LG’s IPS Desktop Monitors and Computing Solutions

Managing an organization’s IT infrastructure can be a thankless task. IT managers and administrators are faced with increasingly complex environments in the midst of reduced budgets and staff cuts. Add to that end-user demands coupled with their limited understanding of technology when things go wrong and inevitably, when issues do arise, the IT professionals are the ones held accountable.

Fortunately there’s good news. LG’s professional-grade desktop monitors with IPS technology and cloud-based computing solutions can accelerate end-user productivity and eliminate pain points for IT professionals.

IPS Technology is the clear winner in monitor displays
There are good reasons the medical, broadcast and photography industries specify IPS displays. IPS (In-Plane Switching) is an LCD screen technology that dramatically increases image quality.

Key IPS advantages
• A true wide viewing angle up to 178 degrees, where colors and contrast remain consistent and data is clearly readable
• Runs considerably cooler than VA monitors
• Color accuracy remains consistent over long-term use

LG’s IPS monitors have been recognized for their advancements in picture quality by the world’s leading testing authorities.

UltraWide® multi-tasking monitors replace multiple monitors
State-of-the-art LG UltraWide IPS monitors provide an immersive 21:9 wide screen ratio, so users can multitask with as many programs as they like on one screen at the same time.

UltraWide monitors deliver big benefits for Microsoft® Office and MAC OS X users. For example, the UltraWide QHD monitor shows 47 columns and 63 rows in Excel, so users can see all the content in full view. And for business meetings, a dual link-up feature allows two portable devices to be connected and used on a single screen simultaneously; controlled with only one keyboard and mouse.

With Mac OS X, UltraWide monitors provide eight different screen ratios, changeable by a single click. The 21:9 ratio enables users to open and run an editing program and its source clip folder without minimizing other programs. Plus, a four-screen split feature divides the screen from two to four customizable subscreens without any overlapping of windows. UltraWide monitors also feature the Thunderbolt 2 interface.

Professional grade 4K UHD monitors enhance user performance
When IPS technology meets 4K, the result is beyond amazing. LG’s 4K UHD IPS monitors cover a wide color gamut from sRGB 99% to AdobeRGB 99% and are color calibrated at the factory to meet professional color accuracy by default.

Supporting high-speed unified interfaces and USB hubs, LG 4K UHD monitors function as a display dock for laptop and MacBook users. The USB Type-C™ solution in 4K UHD IPS monitors transfers 4K UHD screen, audio, data and even power through a single cable—eliminating a clutter of cords.

Game designers appreciate the UL-approved 9.7ms or lower input lag. What’s more, Freesync™ technology and 4K@60hz through DisplayPort and HDMI interface, eliminates artifacts like image tearing and stuttering.

Virtualize the desktop with Zero Clients
LG’s IPS Zero Clients virtually eliminate security problems, most hardware problems and maintenance issues because they contain no hard drive, no moving parts and no operating system. They connect to a server in the cloud (self-hosted or a subscription service) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or VMware® to deploy desktop functions from the cloud. Zero Clients run on PCoIP® (PC-over-IP)—a patented remote display protocol developed by Teradici that renders encrypted pixels (not data) to the end point. Simply plug in a CAT 5 cable, the power, keyboard and mouse.

Zero Client PCoIP benefits
• Simplifies the provisioning and management of computing services
• Powers next generation local, remote and mobile work styles
• Allows IT departments to deliver a secure, right-sized computing experience to everyone

LG Zero Clients include six USB ports, support a second monitor and contain built-in speakers.

Chromebase™ All-in-One PCs slash hardware and software costs
LG partnered with Google to create this complete computing solution consisting of a desktop/wall-mountable monitor with keyboard, mouse, built-in speakers, webcam and Chrome OS. Setup is extremely easy and takes approximately five minutes.

Powered by an Intel® Celeron® processor, Chromebase works within the Google ecosystem and provides access to hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps. For business use, various applications are compatible with and can replace MS Excel and PowerPoint. Built-in virus protection, multiple layers of security and verified boot guard against computer threats, and the Chrome OS updates itself at no cost.
Chromebase’s brilliant Management Console even enables a single IT manager to access and control hundreds and thousands of Chromebase devices from a central location. Updates or troubleshooting can also be managed for a single unit or area—greatly reducing the time, expense and overall burden on organizational IT departments.

LG brings real relief for IT professionals
Chasing problems from PC to PC is both inefficient and frustrating. Isolated issues can quickly pile up while company personnel sit and wait to get back to work. Fortunately LG’s IT products can improve staff performance and satisfaction while providing long-term reliability and increased ROI.

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