LG Nano IPS Computer Monitors Raise the Bar for Professionals

LG Nano IPS Computer Monitors Raise the Bar for Professionals

Today’s use of desktop computer monitors is radically different from that of yesterday’s all-purpose passive display devices. Current uses have expanded into specialized fields, along with the technology of the displays themselves.

Content Creation Monitors, for example, need superior picture quality and a wide color gamut to facilitate professional photo editing, graphic design, and video / music mixing. Quality and precise calibration are key.

Gaming Monitors need to keep up with hardcore gameplay with ultra-quick responsiveness to high resolution movies and streaming.

Multi-Purpose Monitors require multiple ports for easy connectivity with multiple devices, and user convenience is a priority. Built-in speakers are an advantage for videoconferencing, webinars, entertainment.

Multitasking Monitors, with their large, wide screens, are creating better, less cluttered workspaces for stock trading, financial analysis and other multi-screen applications that would previously require multiple monitors on one desk.

Especially for content creators and hardcore gamers, the wide color gamut is a must-have. But it’s hard to think of any professional application that would not benefit, no matter how you look at it.

LG’s In-Plane Switching (IPS) is renowned for color expression and image clarity at wide viewing angles. Viewers seated off-axis can still see the richness of color and contrast, and graphics and text remain crisp.

LG’s Nano IPS is an advanced display technology, combining nanometer-sized particles with IPS technology. The nano particles are applied to the screen’s LED, where they absorb excess, unnecessary light wavelengths, realizing richer color expression for content from single images and video to CG, at virtually any angle.

The Nano IPS wide color gamut covers 98 percent of the digital cinema industry standard DCI-P3 color space, and 135% of sRGB. With LG Nano IPS monitors, professionals have exciting new equipment with which to work their magic.