LG Pro:Centric: Enhancing the Hotel Guest Experience Is Getting Easier

Hoteliers can enhance their guests’ in-room television experience with LG’s Pro:Centric® television content management system that creates an innovative in-room experience via interactive solutions for guests. Designed with simple and intuitive editing tools and pre-designed templates, the intuitive Pro:Centric interface handles guest requests such as housekeeping and laundry services in a personalized manner. For the hotelier, Pro:Centric offers efficient content production and management while maximizing on-site advertising effectiveness to boost the hotel’s image.

Pro:Centric can act as an in-room concierge, giving guests the ability to see hotel amenities such as restaurants, bars, spa services, fitness and business centers, and more, via billboards presented on their in-room TV. The hotel property can customize and update these billboards as required to promote whatever businesses and services will benefit them and their guests. Pro:Centric also enables guests to access their favorite streaming services and smart TV applications such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Showtime, Crackle, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, or they can select their favorite TV show or movie from the electronic programming guide. In addition, guests can pair their mobile devices with the TV for screen sharing and playing audio files. These personal experiences with the hotel can contribute to guest loyalty with customers that have unique, positive stories to share.

Pro:Centric Direct, LG’s fully customizable HTML application environment, is available on LG more advanced hospitality TVs. Pro:Centric Direct features an innovative authoring tool using drag-and-drop widgets and enables over-the-top (OTT) Internet video streaming and casting services. Pro:Centric Direct also supports IP networks for two-way communications, enabling interactive services to be offered to guests such as room service ordering, spa service booking, concierge requests, portfolio review and checkout, all from the TV. In addition, ticker messaging and individual or group messages can be sent to the guest’s TV, all within a fully-customized, hotel-branded user experience.

When guests benefit, hotels benefit. By providing a simple means to access hotel services and amenities, Pro:Centric Direct promotes a consistent revenue stream for the hotel property. This cost-effective delivery of uniform services and features across both RF (radio frequency) and IP (Internet protocol) based networks eliminates the need for additional hardware such as a set-top box in the room.

With LG Pro:Centric hospitality TVs, installation and maintenance are both simple and efficient when using LG’s Pro:Centric server installed at the hotel’s head end equipment room. LG provides the necessary tools and technical training to third-party installers and integrators, so that they have the skills to directly support the hotel property. Hundreds of TVs can be quickly installed and configured in a matter of days, and post-installation changes and maintenance can be made remotely via the server and sent to the TVs automatically, without inconveniencing hotel staff or guests.

LG’s Pro:Centric application environment provides extended customizable tools including HTML5, Java, and Flash. With these tools, LG Systems Integrator Partners can optimize the full range of LG hospitality TVs and develop their own enhanced services. This increased control and customization provides premium hotel services to guests without the need for a set-top box. For hotels looking to retrofit their existing legacy TVs rather than purchase new TVs, LG’s Pro:Centric-enabled set top box provides all the same tools and benefits without the need to replace recently purchased TVs.

As hotels host an increasing percentage of digital savvy, device-enabled guests, LG Pro:Centric-powered products and user environments can provide a personalized, home-like experience that’s good for guests and good for business.