LG UT670H Series Smart Hospitality TVs Offer Cost-Effective IPTV Functionality and Experience-Enhancing Features

Last week we gave you the rundown on Pro:Centric® and Pro:Centric Direct television content management systems, and how they can help hotels provide an innovative in-room experience via interactive solutions for guests.

The Pro:Centric Direct platform is available on LG Smart Hospitality TVs. One such TV is the new UT670H Series, a cost-effective Internet Protocol television (IPTV) solution with webOS 4.5, available in the most hotel-requested sizes of 43, 49 and 55 inches. UT670H Series Smart TVs offer Ultra HD resolution, which is four times higher than that of Full HD, and provides a more realistic and immersive television viewing experience. UHD’s 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution creates outstanding images with incredibly vivid detail.

LG UT670H Series TVs elevate the in-room entertainment experience and increase convenience through implementation of high-end technology.

Because the UT670H Series supports the Pro:Centric Direct platform, it offers customizable tools for LG’s Systems Integrator partners to create interactive applications that enable delivery of a wide range of unique solutions tailored to both hotel management and guest needs. Guests can locate and enjoy available TV channels or access a wide range of over-the-top (OTT) smart apps, check on the daily weather, review available hotel amenities and more – all from the comfort of their room.

Value-added features include voice recognition, allowing users to easily control the TV. The TV series also supports SmartShare, Screen Share, Pro:Idiom® and Bluetooth Sound Sync.

SmartShare allows guests to share content between compatible devices more easily and quickly by showcasing all the device’s audio, video and photo content in simple menus on the screen. ScreenShare connects a smartphone or a laptop PC to the TV via a Wi-Fi Direct connection. The TV will display the device’s screen, and guests can share their content and memories together. Pro:Idiom digital rights management (DRM) technology provides access to premium content to help assure rapid and broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content. Bluetooth Sound Sync enables guests to listen to music on a mobile device through the TV speakers via Bluetooth connection, supporting Android (above v4.4 KitKat) / iOS-based mobile devices.

Hospitality features also include Software-enabled Access Point (SoftAP) and embedded Broadband Local Area Network (b-LAN). SoftAP is a “virtual” Wi-Fi feature that uses software to create a wireless hotspot. The current version supports Bridge Mode, which enables network managers to control connected devices. For properties with SONIFI, embedded b-LAN allows pay-per-view (PPV) and video on demand (VOD) support without the need for a set-top box.

Setting up UT670H Series hospitality TVs is simple with EzManager, a convenient installation function that helps to set up Pro:Centric TV settings automatically without extra effort of configuration.