Making the Most of LG Transparent OLED Signage

Making the Most of LG Transparent OLED Signage


Regular readers of this blog have seen plenty of coverage for LG OLED commercial displays. Lately we’ve focused on Transparent OLED and Transparent OLED Touch.

Transparent OLED provides beautiful OLED images with the added advantage of transparency. Why is this cool? Because the screen softly merges into the environment, harmonizing the content with its surroundings while also creating a wow factor. And whatever is displayed on the screen augments what is behind the screen. It turns places into open and interactive spaces.

Five unique selling propositions of LG Transparent OLED enable it to excel at its job.

High Transparency – Excellent see-through capability even when content is displayed. This opens a wealth of placement opportunities not considered for standard signage. It allows the viewer to see both the signage content and the scene behind the display, and the image quality is so good that it can be difficult to distinguish the displayed content from the reality behind the screen. 

Outstanding OLED Picture Quality – Wide viewing angles and rich, realistic colors captivate viewers.

Robust Design – Uses tempered glass in the front for enhanced safety, for use in industrial environments.

Touch Screen (model 55EW5TF-A) – P-Cap film provides good touch response with 10 touch points and maintains a sleek design, ideal for installations that require interaction.

Flexible Configuration – Transparent OLED offers portrait or landscape configuration capabilities. Displays can be tiled into a video wall horizontally or vertically, for creating interesting interactive environments beyond that of a single transparent screen or touch screen. LG offers a tiling kit that is a 2 x 2 tiling solution, each unit allowing for a 2 x 2 customized installation and scalable as 2 x N, for example, as a 2 x 3 window in portrait configuration.

Now we’ll go over some of the ways these amazing displays can be used to raise the bar on customer experiences and separate a business from its competition:

Museums – A museum can show an exhibit and use the screen in front to enhance the experience with different artifacts or points of reference. The touch screen can allow the visitor to interact and learn even more.

Retail – In a retail window display, images and graphics can be added in front of a product to bring the entire window display to life. A Transparent OLED screen with dynamic colorful content will attract the attention of passersby, which can help increase foot traffic in the store.

Hospitality – Hotels can captivate guests in the lobby by superimposing images to create a relaxing and immersive atmosphere. Also, a display can function as a digital concierge between the guest and the desk clerk, even if the clerk isn’t present. The Transparent OLED screen can be configured with proximity sensors  by system integrators to turn on as a guest is approaching.

Industrial – In an industrial environment the displays can function as a window to the factory, enabling engineers to view key data while also looking at the production floor.

Auto – In a car dealership, the customer can see the actual vehicle and interact with the display, changing the color, adding options, and learning about special features. The display can raise the efficiency of the sales floor with or without a salesperson.

Health/Safety Protocol – In this difficult time with COVID-19, requests are coming in about integrating these transparent displays as the barrier between the customer and the business rep/vendor. An incredible idea.

LG Transparent OLED is all about excitement, engagement and immersion. You can install a Transparent OLED just about anywhere, and it will enhance whatever you are trying to do, be it educate, sell, augment or entertain.

A note for content creators: Because OLED’s self-emissive pixels turn off to reproduce black content, OLED technology is renowned for delivering perfect black. However, with Transparent OLED, when you feed content to the transparent panel, any content that is black becomes transparent. So, if you don’t want a fully transparent area use shades of gray.