New LG Cable-less LED Signage Combines Stunning Image Quality, Ease of Assembly and Support for Power/Signal Redundancy

New LG Cable-less LED Signage Combines Stunning Image Quality, Ease of Assembly and Support for Power/Signal Redundancy


It’s LG’s most advanced LED signage system. The innovative new LSAA series LED digital signage uses wireless transmission technology, achieving up to UHD resolution with the 16:9 ratio without requiring a cable connection between LED cabinets to supply signal and power. The solution is designed around a single LED cabinet hub that provides power and signal to the entire signage display. LG’s non-contact connector technology powers each display via pin connectors located on the edges of the LED cabinet hub.

The LED cabinet allows installers to connect multiple displays to achieve the desired size. Its block assembly design makes the LSAA series easy to install—constructing large displays is essentially as simple as stacking modules.

LSAA series LED signage is front serviceable, meaning that less space is required behind the display, allowing for a much larger selection of installation locations for LED signage than rear-only serviceable signage. Front serviceability also provides an advantage in being able to make sure all the seams are lined up and all the pixels are in a row when installing.

With straightforward installation and expandability, LSAA LED signage can be set up or reconfigured onsite in a fraction of the time it takes to install other LED displays. Wall mounts and frame-type accessories offer a number of installation options to meet the diverse requirements of different site conditions and customer needs. LG’s onscreen user interface helps simplify set-up and calibration, too.

Durability is provided through LG’s 4-in-1 LED package, where four pixels are on one chip, with each pixel containing red, green and blue. That means a large chip size with multiple solder points, which allows it to sit close to the printed circuit board and be robustly attached to the board.

Video performance is superb. The LSAA series LED is available initially in 1.2mm pixel pitch, to be followed by 0.9 and 1.5mm models later this year. Its processor is based on AI-powered image processing technology used in premium LG 4K UHD TVs to enhance resolution, noise reduction, sharpness, color and contrast. With HDR (HDR10, HDR10 Pro*) support, content becomes vivid and crisp. The wide color spectrum and excellent contrast ratio allow viewers to fully enjoy the content. In addition, LG’s custom coding and interface logic simplifies integrating video conferencing—the LSAA series is Crestron Connected® certified for compatibility with professional AV controls.

Suitable even for up-close applications such as corporate meeting centers and boardrooms, LG LSAA series systems are certified as EMC Class B, which covers electronic equipment made for use in residential, commercial, industrial and business environments. EMC Class B certification means the LG LSAA produces low amounts of electromagnetic energy that can interfere with other systems or create excess electromagnetic noise.

The LSAA series is also designed to support redundancy of power and signal. With an optional embedded backup power supply, customers can ensure the continuous operation of the screen with virtually no power failure, while the dual controllers minimize screen failure with a bi-directional signal input.

The LG LSAA series LED signage is a Reddot 2020 design winner. Learn more about this amazing display here.

*HDR10 Pro is LG’s own HDR solution for processing HDR signal by using enhanced dynamic tone mapping.