Simplify 4K Video Distribution with Mediatune Solution from LG Business Solutions and Technicolor

Simplify 4K Video Distribution with Mediatune Solution from LG Business Solutions and Technicolor


When the owners of the District Tap sports bar in Indianapolis decided to open a second location in the city’s downtown area, they identified one crucial technology upgrade that would enhance the guest experience and greatly simplify daily operations for staff: 4K IP video distribution through Mediatune, a dynamic digital solution available exclusively from LG Business Solutions USA and Technicolor.

Mediatune is a multicast video distribution system that is compatible with LG’s Pro:Idiom® and Pro:Centric® applications found on hospitality-grade LG displays, and can also be added to a compatible display with LG’s STB-550 set top box. In the District Tap solution, the system uses 38 LG UU670H Series 4K Smart TVs, and several LG set top boxes with Pro:Idiom software allow projectors and a large video wall to be part of the Mediatune system as well. Mediatune utilizes a DIRECTV™ COMM51 card that can hold up to 23 DIRECTV tuners and serves as a web server that runs the control interface.

With the LG TVs paired with the Mediatune multicast video distribution system, operation is simple. With full access to all 38 LG TVs, staff members can turn all the TVs on or off at once, change the channel on a number of TVs at once, and control every TV from an iPad or mobile device right from the restaurant floor, as soon as a customer requests a change.

The wiring installation was simple as well, requiring only a single Cat6 cable run to each display, virtually eliminating distance issues that can arise when using HDMI distribution. In addition to the displays and Mediatune equipment, they also installed a sound system with satellite audio and a microphone for announcements, a music video system, and ran Cat6 cable for the POS computers, IP surveillance cameras and wireless access points.

Mediatune can expand to control virtually unlimited TVs with up to 138 tuners or unique content sources. LG’s Pro:Idiom software unlocks access to premium content to help assure rapid and broad deployment of high-value digital content. The Pro:Centric application makes it easy to switch between content options, including broadcast TV, streaming services, external devices and today’s most popular entertainment providers.

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