Notes From the Field: LG OLED on the Road

Over the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard a lot about LG OLED, but probably more in the consumer television space rather than in commercial signage. Here at LG Commercial Displays, we also tend to talk a lot about OLED, but due to the nature of B2B marketing, it usually is in front of customers at trade shows and our road shows. What often comes up in these discussions is how people envision using these displays to engage, entertain and inform their audiences. Today I would like to share some of the things I have heard in the field (from people probably like you) about the potential use cases that excite people when they see LG OLED displays in action.

The In-Glass OLED, which is dual sided, often attracts the most attention at shows. Why? Because when displayed in the hanging version, it almost appears to be floating. At our most recent road show, an attendee wanted to use it inside some of their stores within a mall, with one side as an “attractor” facing toward the common area of the mall, and the other side facing inward for shoppers inside the store. This is in fact how we envisioned this OLED display being used when it was developed, and it was great to see someone immediately inspired to use it that way.

Another product that always stops people in their tracks is the Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED, which links up to eight curved OLED screens together on each side to create a truly one-of-a-kind display experience. When talking with show attendees, they have told us that it could be the showcase piece in their corporate HQ lobby, or an engaging display to greet travelers in an airport common space, or a moving piece of art to show off a brand in a retail environment for a flagship store.

Finally, without a doubt, the product that always grabs the most attention is our razor-thin LG OLED Wallpaper. I think that the best part of demonstrating this product at shows is encouraging people to get up close and really see how unbelievably thin the display is, even with the mount behind it on the wall. When people look at the OLED Wallpaper, their imaginations tend to run wild, since the use cases are virtually limitless. It’s always fun listening to how people envision using it within their spaces (or within new spaces that they haven’t begun to build yet).