Opportunities Soar for Digital Signage in Airports

By using digital signage for flight information, wayfinding, alerts, advertising, infotainment and other content in key locations, airports can provide travelers with experiences that create real value. Not only will arriving and departing passengers find their way around more easily; they will be more apt to spend extra time in the airport, and patronize the shops, when the environment is visually accommodating and engaging. Digital signage can capture the attention of even the most seasoned travelers while compelling them to shop, dine and get to their gate on time.

Here are some of the benefits digital signage can provide:

  • Enhance brand perception and the traveler experience, with beautiful, innovative displays
  • Unique, attention-grabbing installations can display custom content in ways never thought possible
  • High-haze semi-outdoor displays provide clarity and reduced glare, even in less than ideal lighting
  • High-brightness outdoor displays withstand harsh environments and easily communicate information to arriving travelers
  • Digital signage can be seamlessly integrated and centrally managed, monitored and controlled remotely
  • Content updates can be made in real time
  • Unique displays allow for flexible installations in both portrait and landscape, with the ability to segment multiple content sources on one screen, simultaneously


Watch this new virtual flythrough to get an idea of what’s possible.