Optical Disc Drives – R.I.P. or V.I.P.?

Optical drives that can read and write CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-ray discs have just about vanished from laptop computers in order for manufacturers to reduce bulk and extra weight and create smaller, thinner and lighter machines.

While it’s true today that software can be downloaded from the Internet, and most people now download and stream music and movies rather than buy it on discs, the need still remains for the discs themselves and therefore, a device to play them.

But if you like to travel light and you have a new laptop or tablet, what do you do?

Look to LG. LG manufactures a full line of optical disc drives (ODD) with numerous models to suit various needs. Our USB-powered ultra slim portable models are very affordable, Windows 8, 10 and Mac OS compatible, and also M-DISC™ compatible for archival storage. What’s more, LG ultra slim portable ODDs are full-function compatible with the most successful tablet on the market—the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Wondering why you’d still need an ODD these days?

  • You have a large CD collection you eventually want to rip to MP3s
  • You have DVDs you might enjoy watching while traveling
  • You get a new laptop and want to install older software from discs
  • You want to burn documents, photos or videos from a hard drive, SSD or cloud service to preserve your digital memories
  • If you’re in IT you might have the need to burn and run emergency discs from time to time

If you have a laptop bag or tablet bag, an LG ultra slim portable ODD can easily slip inside and go anywhere you go. And once again, if you love your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet you can now make it even more versatile with full-function compatibility from LG.

LG optical disc drives are still burning bright. Have a look at our full line of external and internal models from DVD to Blu-ray here.

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