Elevate your Corporate Identity with LG

121616_itcorp_880x440LG’s innovative 21:9 UltraWide® monitors have been global best sellers for three years straight for a very good reason: By introducing the UltraWide technology LG empowered employees for increased efficiency and higher productivity.

The monitors are part of a comprehensive suite of LG corporate display technologies that are easy to install, operate and maintain. Businesses are using LG corporate products to optimize their corporate communications process toward the audience and improve employee relations.

What corporate problems do LG digital displays and desktop technologies solve?

Plenty. In today’s corporate environment employees have access to all types of information on their smartphones and office PCs. But with the sheer beauty of LG digital signage employers can help eliminate distractions and engage employees with targeted content in specific areas of the building.

In the case of employee workstations, LG’s desktop solutions can equip employees to do their best while helping to reduce the burdens on the IT department.

What’s more, visitors can have the benefits of welcome messaging and wayfinding information at their fingertips.

Let’s have a look:

Lobbies and Common Areas

LG’s large format displays can be used to deliver crisp, clear and vivid onsite messaging in breathtaking UHD. Greetings, motivational content, employee awards, company news and real-time data feeds can keep employees and visitors in the know. In addition, LG’s innovative technologies such as the 86-inch Ultra Stretch signage, video walls and amazing OLED displays can set the business environment apart from the rest with a wow factor like nothing ever seen before.

Hallways and Elevator Areas

Wayfinding displays are perfect solutions for orienting visitors and getting them to where they need to be. Large wayfinders can direct guests throughout the facility while small wayfinders outside of conference rooms can display meeting time and subject matter. And while the visitors are waiting, digital displays can immerse them in the corporate message and branding.

Conference Rooms

In conference rooms, LG’s large format UHD displays are incredibly effective for presentations, training and video tutorials. IPS (In Plane Switching) screen technology ensures a crisp, clear view from virtually anywhere in the room, so any seat is the best seat.


Like a quick-service restaurant, corporate cafeterias need to keep the lines moving so employees can relax, enjoy their lunch and get back to work on time. Take advantage of what the QSR industry knows best—LG displays excel as digital menu boards. With the IPS wide viewing angle, employees can clearly read the menu and specials while standing in line and speed through their order.

Employee Workstations

Today it is common for designers, artists, security professionals and others to work with multiple monitors on their desks. Replacing multiple monitors with a single 21:9 UltraWide monitor will enable users to maximize multitasking with as many programs as they like, and numerous video feeds, on one screen at the same time. Reducing the overall number of monitors can also cut your company’s energy usage and equipment costs too.

Looking to simplify workstations and slash costs? Look to LG’s Zero Clients and Chromebase™ PCs.

Zero Clients can help eliminate security problems, most hardware problems and maintenance issues because they don’t have hard drives, moving parts or operating systems. A Zero Client runs on PCoIP (PC-over-IP) and connects to a cloud-based server (self-hosted or a subscription service), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or VMware®, to deploy desktop functions from the cloud.

Chromebase PCs are all-in-one PC solutions powered by Google’s Chrome OS. They provide access to all of Google’s resources, including various applications that are compatible with and can even replace MS Excel and PowerPoint, plus hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps. Built-in virus protection, multiple layers of security and verified boot help keep the devices safe from computer threats. And Chrome OS updates itself at no cost, ensuring all devices always have the latest version.

The benefits of LG digital displays in the corporate environment are well worth the investment and can bring significant ROI in terms of increased employee engagement, motivation, productivity and retention.

VMware® is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc.

Chromebase™ is a trademark of LG.