Over 750 LG Commercial Displays Give Every Cleveland Cavaliers Fan the Best Seat in the House

Over 750 LG Commercial Displays Give Every Cleveland Cavaliers Fan the Best Seat in the House


Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, a multi-purpose public sports and entertainment venue in Cleveland, Ohio that serves as home court for the NBA’s Cleveland  Cavaliers, recently transformed its 25-year-old infrastructure into a cutting-edge facility that includes over 750 digital displays from LG Business Solutions USA, ensuring attendees can see the action at all times from virtually every seat in the house and throughout the venue’s expanded gathering areas and concourses.

LG had partnered with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Crescent Digital, the AV integration firm that designed and installed much of the arena’s new technologies, as part of transformation. The resulting state-of-the-art Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse high-tech arena delivers an unforgettable fan experience, where the Cavaliers can engage fans immediately upon their arrival, during and after the game.

According to Crescent Digital, this project proves that cities and organizations can potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars by renovating existing sports and entertainment venues instead of building brand new ones.

The venue’s main concourse has a ring of 150 49-inch displays that wrap the entire perimeter and can be used individually or together to present any type of content the occasion calls for. In fact, every display in the FieldHouse, both indoors and outdoors, is connected to a single IPTV distribution system that enables quick changes and automated scheduling of the enormous display network. The FieldHouse uses the displays to provide wayfinding information, live feeds of the game, concert or convention, event-specific messaging, marketing and sponsor messages, and easy-to-read menus for restaurants and food and beverage stands.

As happens in any renovation project, Crescent Digital encountered some space constraints and infrastructure limitations that required creative thinking and custom designs to overcome. At one concession stand, plans called for digital displays to be mounted above the entire stand, covering its full length so every visitor can see the menu options from any location. Due to limited wall space from the stand to the ceiling, the team realized that the only workable solution was to install LG’s 86-inch Ultra-Stretch displays side-by-side, effectively forming an ultra-wide video wall above the stand. After that, the decision was made to use those same displays at all concession stands.

With a height of just 14 inches, the ultra-stretch displays were also the perfect fit for the Cavaliers locker room, where five of the displays sit side-by-side to create a ticker-like canvas that presents gameday-related media. Ultra-stretch displays grace the ticket office as well, where they provide information to guests in line.

The FieldHouse also upgraded displays in its premium guest spaces, such as areas for season ticket holders, with six LG video walls in 4×2, 2×2 and 3×3 configurations. Each video wall is comprised of multiple 49-inch or 55-inch high brightness displays with ultra-slim 0.44mm bezels (0.88mm bezel-to-bezel). Additionally, each suite has three LG displays connected to the IPTV network, which guests can control to view cable programming.

The displays and technology used as part of the larger total renovation is relevant for every type of event the FieldHouse hosts, from basketball games to concerts to corporate events. At every entrance, every point of sale, and essentially everywhere a visitor can look, digital displays provide opportunities for the venue and event hosts to share messaging, direct visitors to specific areas, welcome high-profile guests and present virtually any type of content they desire on displays ranging from 27- to 98-inches.

Evan Peterson, Senior Account Manager for LG Business Solutions USA stated, “The FieldHouse is a testament to what can be achieved through hard work and forward-thinking project leadership, and it paves the way for other venues around the globe to create efficiencies by renovating and updating facilities and technologies.”

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