See How Innovative Digital Signage Enhances the Fitness Center Experience

While health club memberships are at an all-time high, intense competition within the industry means fitness centers must constantly review and upgrade the experience they provide to their members. Operators should be keenly focused on seeking new ways to keep members coming back, as a “two percent increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10 percent.”1

In addition to physical gym space, fitness centers must also compete with workout apps and live online fitness classes. Digital signage can provide a more exciting and engaging on-site experience than these competing technologies and ensure optimum results in communication, advertising and entertainment. What’s more, today’s advanced digital signage solutions offer something for virtually every area of the facility: we have a new Fitness Lookbook that will show you what’s possible.

There’s plenty of effective content for digital signage in fitness centers, too. Here’s a short summary.

Outdoor – Get noticed by displaying branding, advertising and digital mosaics to stand out and attract interest from a distance.

Reception Area – Display club services and membership information, provide self-check-in and promote supplements, protein powders, clothing and more for purchase.

Throughout the Facility – Provide wayfinding, studio or spa schedules and digital bulletin board messages. Interactive touch-screen digital signage can engage members even further, and Beacon technology can display targeted information and offers.

Workout Areas – Display class schedules. Provide an exciting, physically competitive environment with inspirational videos, virtual group fitness classes or individual workout instruction.

Lounge Areas – Digital signage makes great menu boards, and content can be updated or changed in real time from a central location or remotely. Promote your healthy food and drink options and display class schedules.

Entertainment – Commercial-grade TVs are a must for health clubs. They are durable, designed for extended use, and provide the content flexibility, high picture quality and wide viewing angles required for fitness centers.

Whatever the need, we can help. LG commercial displays can be a powerful visual strategy for keeping fitness center members engaged, informed and coming back.

Have a Look – For your inspiration, our new detailed Fitness Lookbook can help you visualize digital signage applications for your facility.