Should You Upgrade to 4K?


A lot of our readers are using Full HD digital signage in their businesses. It’s a great format with bright, beautiful images that attract and engage customers. For many applications Full HD is very effective and will continue to be so. But some of you are wondering if switching to 4K UHD would be a good investment, and if the ROI would be worth it. Depending on your business, it could very well be. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits.

See more. 4K UHD is able to show intricate details that become very noticeable on large screens. It’s four times the pixels of Full HD, with 8.29 million pixels compared to Full HD’s 2.07 million. 4K UHD can enhance the look of important branding elements, product representations, graphics and other aesthetics.

Get closer. 4K UHD will allow your patrons to get a lot closer to the screen without seeing the pixels that make up the image. With a 98-inch Full HD 1080p display, for example, people would need to be at least 13 feet away before the pixels would disappear. But with a 98-inch 4K UHD display they could be as close as seven feet. With 4K UHD you could have a much larger display, even a video wall, in a smaller space.

Do 2×2 with one. 4K UHD can let you do more with one display. It can allow up to four Full HD 1080p feeds to be displayed simultaneously on one screen, all in their native resolutions, eliminating the need for additional displays, cables and switches.

Show your true colors. Colors can look more accurate in 4K UHD. That’s because the 4K UHD color gamut and color depth are greater than Full HD. 4K UHD is able to render colors that cannot be shown accurately in Full HD and, therefore, could more faithfully reproduce branding and products.

Make HD look better. 4K UHD can make lower-resolution images look better too. Through a process called upscaling, a 4K UHD display can deliver near-UHD image quality with 1080p and 720p images. So the same content you’ve been using on your existing displays will look even better on a 4K UHD display.

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