Stratodesk and LG – Making Work From Home Reliable and Secure

Stratodesk and LG – Making Work From Home Reliable and Secure
With more workers around the world now accessing vital work applications and data from home, it is clearer than ever before how necessary having a secure and reliable work from home strategy is. 

However, there are many obstacles between you and the perfect, harmonious work from home deployment. These include, connecting remote users securely with the apps and data they need, ensuring ongoing security for your remote endpoints in the event that they are lost or stolen, and managing configuring and managing remote devices outside your corporate perimeter. 


How do you enable secure access to apps and data for remote users? 

When it comes to enabling work from home, there are several challenges you are bound to face. To begin with, you must make sure that all end users have the devices they need to get their most important work tasks done. 

When we see what has happened in the current crisis situation, for example, it becomes painfully apparent that in a moment’s notice, workers might have to access EVERYTHING remotely.

IT is faced with a seemingly impossible challenge. What if workers require access to specialized applications? Will you rely on their home and personal devices? Will you purchase all employees dedicated, new devices? How do you do so without spending a fortune?

In addition to the hardware problem – getting the right devices to the right people at the right time – there’s the security problem. How on earth do you ensure security on the endpoint for all of these devices? These devices will be accessing confidential corporate information regularly. Are you okay with that information being housed on endpoint devices outside your corporate perimeter? Are you able to handle the ramifications of those devices being lost or stolen? 

Also, how do you enable appropriate licensing? Software must be properly licensed on each endpoint, updated, patched, and maintained. Additionally, malware and antivirus contracts must be provided. 

Lastly, IT must provide excellent technical support for potentially thousands of remote devices, scattered around the world, with different hardware specifications, and multiple different software versions housed on each and every one.


Enrich your secure digital perimeter with

LG Thin Clients

Luckily for IT and workers everywhere, there is a solution.

LG Thin Clients ensure the ultimate work experience, assuring enterprises continued productivity – in the midst of a crisis, or just everyday – without breaking the bank.

LG Thin Clients are the ideal complement to your VDI or Cloud solution. When accessing their apps and data from these secure devices, workers will feel as though they are accessing desktops and applications located on the devices right in front of them. In case a device is lost or stolen, IT can rest assured. Vital corporate data are not stored on the Thin Client device. Instead, they are securely housed in the company’s on-premises infrastructure or in the Cloud.

LG offers several different form factors that are ideal for work from home. For example, organizations can make use of the LG All-in-One Thin Client – the ultimate thin client for work from home use. This Thin Client boasts a monitor and a Thin Client combined. It is powerful and the ideal fit for virtually any use case. 


LG partners with endpoint solution leader, Stratodesk, to enable seamless device/peripheral management and automatic configuration.

Stratodesk NoTouch software is the ideal complement to LG Thin Clients, comes on LG Thin Clients directly out of the box, or can be deployed onto new and existing Thin Clients in a matter of minutes. NoTouch is fully secure, Linux-based, and contains the clients for major VDI solutions directly out of the box. NoTouch software also includes the unrivaled, automated endpoint management solution, NoTouch Center, enabling IT to manage thousands of devices from the convenience of one location. 

It is the perfect remote work solution — permitting seamless work from home natively while also offering enterprise enhancements like Cloud Xtension, Disk Encryption, and beyond, to make work from home accessible to any organization. 

Enterprises, organizations and businesses of all sizes around the world can bolster their secure, digital perimeter while empowering work from home with a combination of Stratodesk software and LG Thin Clients.