There’s OLED at the end of the tunnel. And OLED IS the tunnel.

LG made a grand entrance at IFA in Berlin, using a tunnel of OLED commercial displays to draw visitors to LG OLED consumer TVs.

IFA is the world’s leading platform for consumer electronics and home appliances. From September 1 – 6, IFA presented the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market. IFA offered a comprehensive overview of the international market, and their unique blend of product innovations, stars and entertainment, presented by more than 1,600 exhibitors, attracted more than 240,000 visitors.

LG was there, with a large exhibitor booth showcasing the latest consumer electronics and home appliance technologies. And ushering visitors into the OLED TV section of the booth was a massive OLED tunnel, over 16 feet tall, 24 feet wide and nearly 50 feet long. The tunnel was constructed from 216 55-inch curved OLED commercial display panels, providing a completely immersive and jaw-dropping environment.

The impressive scale of the display tunnel was made possible by OLED’s ultra-thin, highly flexible lightweight panels. LG OLED commercial displays can be custom bent by LG into concave or convex formations without any picture quality distortion, allowing for spectacular digital installations. And since each OLED pixel can switch itself on, brighten, dim and switch off, OLED not only eliminates the need for backlighting but is able to reproduce perfect black and infinite contrast ratio—delivering incredibly vibrant color and wide viewing angles.

IFA attendees were amazed at the astonishingly realistic image quality. The tunnel contained nearly half a billion pixels and displayed a breathtaking video of dynamic 4K Ultra HD content, titled “From Black to Black,” produced by LG for the show.

The video footage accentuated the stunning lifelike colors and the ability to recreate the tiniest details of life which LG’s OLED technology delivers in spades. Visitors marveled at a pitch-black ocean with effervescent jellyfish and the gentle movement of whales, as well as galactic scenes from deep black space and the brilliant Northern Lights. In making the video, LG used 14 separate 8K cameras to record every movement and detail of Iceland’s Northern Lights as accurately as possible.

In the OLED tunnel visitors felt as though they were swimming deep in the ocean or floating in the Milky Way.

When you consider that LG used the OLED tunnel to draw visitors into the booth, imagine what LG OLED commercial displays could do to enhance your own company’s branding, product offerings and customer experience. LG OLED commercial displays bring an unparalleled wow factor—completely transforming the architectural elements of a building into a digital canvas.

LG has a history of big show attractions, earning a Red Dot Award in Spatial Communication for its dome-shaped OLED installations at CES 2016.

Watch From Black to Black.