Two Strategies to Increase Your Commercial Display Business Exposure in 2020

If you’re an LG commercial display solution provider, reseller, systems integrator or end user, your expertise could be very helpful to both our target audiences. For 2020, we are offering two strategies that can expose your business to a wider array of industry categories and drive more people to your website.

1) Contribute to the LG Commercial Display Blog

We invite you to write a post specifically for our blog. Should you decide to do so, here are some of the benefits you could enjoy:

It can help establish your authority. The best B2B blogs answer common questions from leads and customer interaction. If you create content that’s helpful for both audiences, it can help establish your company as an industry authority in their eyes.

It can help improve your SEO, and drive more long-term results via more Retweets and shared engagements. In the following days, weeks, and months, you could continue to receive traffic and leads from your original blog post.

Should you decide to let LG Commercial Display link to a current post on your company’s blog, it could extend the reach of your company’s content. Our goal is to extend the reach of every piece of content and/or communications we publish, and our blog could connect more unique viewers to your content on your own properties and help your own organic search as well.

2) Let LG Business Solutions Create Your Case Study

Sharing your commercial display project has plenty of benefits, and we can help make it happen. By participating in the LG Business Solutions case study series your company will be recognized as an innovator for adopting some of the latest display technologies on the market. If your project is selected, we will write your case study, and then spread the news. What’s more, your case study might also become a video.

There’s absolutely no cost to you. Just plenty of benefits:

We will feature your case study in our monthly newsletter that goes out to a vast database of influencers and decision-makers.

We’ll offer the case study for download in targeted industry publications.

We’ll use our social media channels to push your case study out for even more exposure.

We’ll feature your case study in our Chicago Business Innovation Center, on the LG Commercial Display Blog, and in our Case Study Resource Hub. Click the link and have a look through our case study series – imagine yours being one of them.

We hope you’ll put these strategies on the front burner for 2020.


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