Three Strategies for Creating Retail Brick-and-Mortar ‘Stickiness’

Webopedia defines ‘sticky’ as the ability to keep visitors on a Web site once they have navigated there or encourage the visitor to return frequently (i.e., the visitors “stick” to the site). A site’s stickiness depends on the content of the site that encourages the visitors to remain there but is not necessarily what the visitors went to the site for.

But today we’re not talking about online retail, we’re talking about brick-and-mortar stores.

Websites Design for Stickiness. So Should Retail Stores.

When you can create a brick-and-mortar retail environment that’s rich in visual appeal, and so well thought out as to engage and accommodate customers through every step of their visit, customers will feel compelled to remain in the store for a long time and come back often. And the stickier your location, the greater the chance that customers are going to spend their money with you as opposed to looking around for other places to shop. Let’s look at three key steps today’s retailers are using to create stickiness:

1) Enhance Your Brand Image

A powerful way to enhance a retail brand image is to elevate the store environment with attention-grabbing visual technology. Customers will respond to and remember what they see throughout the store, and the right digital signage displays can make all the difference. When used with moving content that mesmerizes customers with lifestyle images, product beauty videos and high-resolution graphics, digital signage can evoke the feelings you want your customers to associate with your brand.

Consider all the places your customers might be throughout your store. Today’s digital signage offers the form factors and flexibility to fit virtually anywhere, from outside the entrance to the front windows to the back wall, and anywhere in between. All while making your brand look like a technology leader.

2) Send Personalized Communications on the Spot

Many digital signage displays are available with Beacon and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology to enable individualized messaging to customers that have the store’s app on their smartphones with Bluetooth enabled. When the beacon detects such a smartphone, it can push personalized content to the phone or even directly to the display as the customer approaches.

The most effective types of messaging make the customer’s immediate experiences easier and richer. This can include welcome greetings, information about the products near the display, special offers and coupons, and product recommendations based on the customer’s shopping history on the store app.

That’s not all Beacons can do. They can generate data including demographics about how customers move through a store, highlighting areas where people tend to spend time. They can also be used to create sales system metrics and help with analytics.

3) Extend Your Store With Endless Aisles

Having a wide assortment of products is critical to the success of a retail operation. But unlike an online store, bringing every model, color and variation onto the retail floor may not be feasible, especially when trying to create an environment that stands out while maximizing sales per square foot.

Digital signage excels at making the most of the retail sales floor. It can enable customers to view the entire inventory on a big, beautiful screen where details are crisp and colors pop. Retailers can then carry strategic items in the store and use the displays to show everything else that is available, in what is called an endless aisle. By combining digital signage with touchscreen overlays and services like dropship, retailers can bridge the gap between online and in-store and create a very effective and accommodating, self-serve shopping experience.

Create endless aisle experiences that cannot be had online, by using interactive software and a touchscreen overlay. In a furniture store, for example, a display can be placed in a showroom to provide product information, fabric choices and related accessories. It can also give the customer the opportunity to upload a picture of their living room, add a couch, change the color and add other pieces. The customer can be pleasantly occupied viewing hundreds of pieces of furniture in their virtual living room, and design their living room on the big screen.

The same idea can be used to create endless racks and shelves. An example would be to integrate a video camera on top of a small display in an eyeglass/sunglass store. A customer could then sit comfortably in front of the display, see themselves on the screen and virtually try on hundreds of styles with the touch of a button.

A Lesson from Flagship Stores

Major brands are spending millions of dollars to create flagship stores—larger retail environments that serve a different purpose than just selling product. These iconic stores are more involved in creating a relationship with the customer that solidifies the brand image, connects with the customer and creates loyalty.

Following the gist of that lesson, there isn’t an area in a retail environment that cannot be fitted with commercial display technology and engaging content to create amazing customer experiences, all in the pursuit of greater retail stickiness.


Installation Inspiration: The LG OLED Wave at CES 2020

LG Commercial Displays mesmerized CES® 2020 spectators and welcomed them to the LG booth with a spectacular exhibition called the LG OLED Wave.

The awe-inspiring installation featured 200 open frame, 55-inch LG OLED digital signage screens, tiled into a show-stopping spectacle that demonstrated LG OLED’s unrivaled picture quality and flexibility.

The LG OLED Wave was created with 128 convex and concave screens, and 72 flat screens. Measuring 20 feet high and 82 feet wide, the exhibit immersed CES attendees in a breathtaking journey of discovery, displaying the glory of the natural world as it has never been seen before, accompanied by a choreographed audio soundtrack.

This is the fourth year that LG has delighted CES attendees with an LG OLED showstopper. First came the LG OLED Tunnel in 2017, followed by the LG OLED Canyon in 2018, and the LG OLED Falls last year. You can read about them all in our blog archives.

Display experts agree that LG OLED is the most evolved display technology on the planet, delivering stunning pictures with perfect black, incredible contrast and intense colors from virtually any vantage point. Self-lighting pixels, which can be turned on and off individually, help make images incredibly lifelike. Without the need for a backlight, LG OLED displays are extremely lightweight and thin, allowing for screens that can be mounted perfectly flush to a wall, or made flexible enough to be rolled up like a poster.

See the LG OLED Wave in action in this video from CNET:


LG SuperSign Resource Center Makes It Easy to Get Started with Digital Signage

LG SuperSign software for digital signage offers much to businesses while being easy on the budget. Our new online resource center (link below) makes it easy to select and download the SuperSign solution that best fits your needs.

What is LG SuperSign?

LG SuperSign is turnkey digital signage software for LG standard and outdoor signage, video walls, interactive displays, and SuperSign TVs. The software selections are ideal for small or medium-sized businesses that need an easy, eye-catching and effective way to communicate with their customers.

Besides the powerful capabilities, SuperSign’s intuitive GUI and straightforward layout enhances user-friendliness, saving users from having to go through a complicated learning process. SuperSign software solutions provide convenient content management, monitoring and control, and white balance calibration. Different levels of software are available based on intended use and business requirements:

Content Management solutions include all-in-one SuperSign CMS for editing, scheduling, and distribution with mobile management; LG Simple Editor for use with LG SuperSign TVs; and SuperSign Media Editor for use with asymmetrical video walls or LG Ultra Stretch signage.

Monitoring and Control solutions include all-in-one SuperSign Control+ with remote control via single server; a basic SuperSign Control for up to 100 displays via network; and LED Assistant for use with LG DVLED signage.

White Balance Calibration via SuperSign WB facilitates adjustment of video walls via camera or sensor.

Also available on the SuperSign Resource Center are Legacy Software final releases, including SuperSign Editor and SuperSign W-Lite Server – content management software for editing, scheduling, and distribution.

Find all you need at the LG SuperSign Software Resource Center today.


Two Strategies to Increase Your Commercial Display Business Exposure in 2020

If you’re an LG commercial display solution provider, reseller, systems integrator or end user, your expertise could be very helpful to both our target audiences. For 2020, we are offering two strategies that can expose your business to a wider array of industry categories and drive more people to your website.

1) Contribute to the LG Commercial Display Blog

We invite you to write a post specifically for our blog. Should you decide to do so, here are some of the benefits you could enjoy:

It can help establish your authority. The best B2B blogs answer common questions from leads and customer interaction. If you create content that’s helpful for both audiences, it can help establish your company as an industry authority in their eyes.

It can help improve your SEO, and drive more long-term results via more Retweets and shared engagements. In the following days, weeks, and months, you could continue to receive traffic and leads from your original blog post.

Should you decide to let LG Commercial Display link to a current post on your company’s blog, it could extend the reach of your company’s content. Our goal is to extend the reach of every piece of content and/or communications we publish, and our blog could connect more unique viewers to your content on your own properties and help your own organic search as well.

2) Let LG Business Solutions Create Your Case Study

Sharing your commercial display project has plenty of benefits, and we can help make it happen. By participating in the LG Business Solutions case study series your company will be recognized as an innovator for adopting some of the latest display technologies on the market. If your project is selected, we will write your case study, and then spread the news. What’s more, your case study might also become a video.

There’s absolutely no cost to you. Just plenty of benefits:

We will feature your case study in our monthly newsletter that goes out to a vast database of influencers and decision-makers.

We’ll offer the case study for download in targeted industry publications.

We’ll use our social media channels to push your case study out for even more exposure.

We’ll feature your case study in our Chicago Business Innovation Center, on the LG Commercial Display Blog, and in our Case Study Resource Hub. Click the link and have a look through our case study series – imagine yours being one of them.

We hope you’ll put these strategies on the front burner for 2020.


For inquiries please email Paul Vitellaro at paul.vitellaro@lge.com



Happy New Year to Our Blog Readers

Happy New Year


As we wrap up 2019, we’re looking back at some key installations that brought big smiles to LG B2B, our amazing partners, and the businesses we served:

The 2,400-site rollout of digital signage in Best Western lobbies;

The LG OLED Falls at InfoComm;

The commercial-grade TVs added to 850 Snap Fitness locations;

The 105 commercial displays in the Memphis Tigers locker room; and

The more than 10,000 commercial displays in over 50 Topgolf locations.

These installations feature different LG commercial display technologies and specialized software solutions from our certified partners, but they all have one thing in common: the result is an exciting and more accommodating experience for customers, visitors, and employees that makes the businesses stand out from the competition.

To that end, how may we help you in 2020?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you see that we cover a variety of topics, news, and product introductions. Our aim is to give you information and insights that could be beneficial to your business in the world of commercial displays. And for 2020, we want to know what you want to know.

We invite you to reach out to us on our social channels and tell us what you’d like to see featured on this blog. Give us some topics. We’ll do our best to accommodate your interests.

All of us at LG Business Solutions wish you a very Happy New Year bursting with big smiles, achievements, and prosperity.




Introducing LG ExtendedCare™ — Peace of Mind for Your LG Commercial Display Investment

Digital signage delivers many benefits for a business, including increased customer engagement, improved brand recognition and a higher percentage of impulse purchases.

But there is an inherent cost of downtime. If the digital sign is not working, that can negatively impact the business by leading to lost sales. And the longer the signage is down the greater the loss can be.

LG is a partner you can trust. We are a global leader in digital signage design, product development and manufacturing. We globally operate 118 subsidiaries and branches, 5 design centers, and fully support over 9,000 service centers. And to provide the best support possible for our displays, we have introduced LG ExtendedCare.

LG ExtendedCare provides extended warranty, repair and services for LG display products, with various care plans offering different levels of protection. Clients can add 1, 2, or 3 years additional warranty beyond the LG Standard Warranty up to a total coverage term of 5 years. If the original warranty is for 2 years, they can add 1, 2 or 3 years. If the original warranty is for 3 years, they can add 1 or 2 additional years. LG ExtendedCare must be purchased within 30 days of purchasing the product.

Two premium services can be added to enhance peace of mind and increase speed of service. Quick Swap Service allows fast delivery of replacement units to the business’s location, with either Next Business Day Exchange or 72-hour Exchange options. White Glove Service includes Quick Swap delivery and adds authorized LG technicians on site to uninstall the old unit, deliver and install the replacement; and offers the same options. The addition of these services will be present for the entire term of the warranty, including the standard and extended periods. Best of all, there is no limitation of repairs and swaps as long as the warranty with Quick Swap is in place.

LG ExtendedCare service truly understands a business’s needs, makes life easier and provides the right options for every client.

For more information on LG ExtendedCare including an intuitive Selection Guide tool, visit lgextendedcare.com.

NOTE: The Selection Guide tool will be available as an iframe for our partners’ websites in early 2020.



When Image Quality Counts, Crestron Counts on LG UHD Displays

Crestron is the global leader in automated and integrated control systems that create a flawless workflow between AV equipment, environment accessories and IT technologies. Their global certification program is turnkey at the engineering level, allowing certified manufacturing partners to natively connect, communicate and monitor from one central location. This means any PC or mobile device connected to the Cloud can control Crestron Connected® certified lighting, climate, cameras, shades/blinds, speakers and LG professional displays, automatically.

And when the goal is to display image quality as good as the source, Crestron partners with LG – choosing LG UHD displays.

In virtually any industry or business type, using the Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot, LG UHD premium displays instantly transform into Crestron DM NVX™ endpoints to deliver flawless 4K video and audio over 1Gb IP networks with virtually no latency. Simply combine LG professional displays with the DM NVX D80 IoAV Network AV OPS Decoder.

Crestron’s all-new Pixel Perfect Processing technology makes DM NVX the only AV solution that delivers a virtually perfect image every time. Now the finest detail can be revealed in the densest image. This is technology so advanced, it would be difficult to tell the difference between DM NVX and direct source.

To take full advantage of Crestron’s DM NVX technology capabilities, LG UHD displays offer a group of features making them the ideal solution.

For optimum image quality, LG’s In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology delivers a true 178-degree wide angle of view, providing rich, clear content with virtually no distortion. IPS is a major advantage especially in large meetings where numerous attendees are seated off-axis to the screen.

The displays’ intelligent remote monitoring can email notifications to users if there is a problem, such as tilting of the display from external impact, so users can correct the problem ASAP.

Built-in Quad-Core System-on-Chip (SoC) and LG’s webOS Signage platform can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player. The webOS Signage platform enhances user convenience with an intuitive GUI and simple app development tools, and easily supports connections with external sensors such as GPIO, NFC/RFID, temperature sensors, etc., via USB plug-in.


Zero Clients Eliminate Most Security, Hardware and Maintenance Issues

Today’s working environments typically deploy a fleet of PCs, each containing a hard drive, memory, sometimes video cards and more importantly either a Windows or Mac OS X operating system. The very nature of this setup introduces vulnerabilities in security with risk of hacking or device theft, plus ongoing management and maintenance requirements for both software and hardware, and generally high power consumption. Chasing problems from PC to PC is both inefficient and frustrating. Isolated issues can quickly pile up while company personnel sit and wait to get back to work.

Today, deploying Zero Client devices throughout the company can virtually eliminate security problems, most hardware problems and maintenance issues. A Zero Client contains no hard drive, no moving parts and no operating system—it is a simple, secure, stateless endpoint that gets everything it, and you, need from the cloud. LG Zero Client cloud endpoints connect to a server in the cloud (self-hosted or a subscription service), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or VMware®, to deploy desktop functions from the cloud.

To the end user the Zero Client experience looks and functions nearly identically to that of a PC, because a Zero Client will typically bring up a windows session. But Zero Clients have many advantages over traditional PCs, laptops and tablets, especially with security. Security pervades all vertical market sectors, each of which has compliance and regulatory issues to contend with. This is the reason federal government, healthcare institutions, financial services, education, and others favor Zero Client devices. There is nothing installed on a local drive—customer data and other sensitive information are all stored in the cloud. Should the device be stolen, the only loss is the cost of the hardware.

LG Zero Clients run on PC-over-IP (PCoIP®). LG Zero Client cloud endpoints use a Teradici® processor and Teradici management software and support the PCoIP protocol in VMware View, Teradici CAS, Azure Support and Amazon WorkSpaces.

PCoIP is a patented remote display protocol developed by Teradici that renders encrypted pixels (not data) to the endpoint. Simply connect a CAT 5 cable, power cable, keyboard and mouse to the Zero Client. Easy to deploy, manage and operate, Zero Clients decode PCoIP transmissions and output pixels on the screen without transmitting the data. PCoIP delivers the most accurate and distortion-free experience regardless of network conditions.

PCoIP benefits

  • Customers choose PCoIP solutions for lossless reproduction, color accuracy and the highest level of security
  • Specifically designed to deliver interactive applications
  • Users enjoy a secure, rich virtual computing experience
  • Simplifies the provisioning and management of computing services
  • Powers next generation local, remote and mobile work styles
  • Allows IT departments to deliver a secure, right-sized computing experience to everyone

Routine service and maintenance costs are greatly reduced, as with no moving parts there is little that can break. Zero Clients run cooler than PCs and use less energy. In most cases, electricity consumption typically plummets from a PC’s 150 watts down to 30 watts or less with a Zero Client. Operating systems, software and apps are installed and updated by the IT administrator from a central location, and IT always knows exactly what is on their network.

LG is a leading manufacturer of Zero Clients, and offers the Tera2 V Series Cloud Box, and All-in-One Zero Client FHD (1920 x 1080) displays in 23” and 24” class. The displays feature six USB 2.0 ports, support a second monitor and contain built-in speakers. LG Zero Client displays feature IPS panels for optimum image quality with a true 178-degree wide viewing angle, and are TAA compliant. All LG Zero Clients include a free 3-year subscription to Teradici Desktop Access—all the elements administrators need to efficiently manage and maintain their PCoIP Zero Client deployment.


Thanksgiving with Digital Signage

Thanksgiving was yesterday. But with digital signage it can be today, tomorrow, next week or anytime throughout the year. Because a major advantage of digital signage is that you can update content, modify it or create entirely new content quickly, and push it to your displays even quicker.

This means you can interrupt your regularly scheduled program at any time with messages of appreciation for your employees, customers, and anyone else that could use a smile on a given day. Run it for a while then pick up right where you left off.

Here are some ideas that can help you say thanks with digital signage and cultivate an attitude of gratitude throughout your organization. Not just because it’s that time of year, but because honest appreciation can go a long way.

Employee spotlight – Use digital signage content to thank employees for their hard work, either with company-wide congratulations, team messaging and group photos, or by highlighting specific employees whose accomplishments were stellar.

Accentuate the positive – Highlight company achievements, i.e., big sales, awards received, goals met, new business, special events, volunteer day activities, recent hires. Use photos and videos whenever possible.

Spread the joy – Encourage employees to share what they like most about the company or their job – post the comments on a screen in the lunch room or lounge area as a happy reminder of the positives of their work.

When customers/clients say thanks – Unless you’re a charity you might not get these too often (people are forgetful), but when you do, let them shine – customer accolades are a wonderful way to make your employees feel proud of their contributions.

Inspiration station – People love inspirational quotes because the quotes can connect with anyone. On social media, for example, inspiring quotes tend to be one of the most engaging types of content. Make it relevant, and combine the quotes with beautiful images to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Be social – Post your company’s social media feeds on your digital signage. It’s ideal for increasing employee engagement and keeping everyone in the know.

Give back – Thanksgiving Day takes a huge toll on local food pantries, and right after the holiday is a great time to help restock their shelves. Digital signage is so easy to work with that on Monday morning you could have an eye-catching message on your screens announcing a post-holiday food drive. Add photos of the donated food items as they accumulate.

Have fun – Want to have an enjoyable meeting? Get together and brainstorm ways to show appreciation on your digital signage. The power of sincere thanks cannot be overestimated. Nor can the power of the right content in the right place at the right time.

May you always have plenty to be thankful for, and the digital signage to show it.


Over 10,000 LG Commercial Displays and
SAVI Canvas Software Enhance the Topgolf Experience for Millions

It was an amazing display of collaboration. And it changed the face of automated technology with one of the largest and most impactful integrations of digital signage ever: over 10,000 LG commercial displays combined with SAVI Canvas software in more than 50 Topgolf venues.

Topgolf venues feature high-tech gaming, climate-controlled hitting bays, a chef-driven menu, hand-crafted cocktails, music, corporate and social event spaces, and more. Topgolf venues entertain more than 20 million guests annually at nearly 60 locations across the U.S. and internationally.

To offer guests the ultimate sports and entertainment experience across all venues, Topgolf wanted to enhance its technology platform by transitioning from consumer televisions to durable, reliable commercial displays. The goal was to create a customizable display solution with a longer shelf life and an exceptional warranty. The displays would need to accurately and clearly present rich colors and vivid details, while splitting the screen into three sections to accommodate varying content from different sources. And the displays would need to seamlessly connect to one another for quick and easy management from a central location.

Topgolf enlisted AV control software leader SAVI Controls and commercial display technology leader LG Business Solutions USA, along with Topgolf’s longtime systems integrator Diem Digital, to create a solution called SAVI Canvas. This software was developed by SAVI Controls to run exclusively on LG’s webOS Signage platform.

SAVI Canvas combined with LG webOS Signage enables Topgolf to control, manage and deliver content to displays at each venue from their central headquarters in Dallas – all over a single network cable. This solution also meets Topgolf’s need for a tri-pane display feature, giving Topgolf the flexibility to display broadcast and satellite programs, Topgolf TV, marketing messaging, and custom content from its gaming systems, within the tri-pane solution on a single portrait display. All of which further elevates the guest experience.

Diem Digital specifically selected LG’s 55-inch 55SM5KE hybrid outdoor displays for their reliability, picture quality and customizability. Connectivity is simple with a power cable and a CAT 5 connection in the back. Because the displays are in an outdoor environment, SAVI developed new custom mounts and protective shroud enclosures which LG certified for warranty purposes, providing Topgolf improved ongoing service and support for the display hardware. All displays are monitored by a CMS app for display health status at the Dallas headquarters.

Since deploying the solution at more than 50 locations, Topgolf has seen significant benefits, heard positive feedback and achieved unprecedented innovation. The implementation of the LG displays and SAVI Canvas solution not only enabled Topgolf to manage displays remotely, but also significantly reduced the failure rate and replacement labor overhead of previous consumer displays.

Read a detailed Topgolf case study here.