2016 and Maintaining Momentum

It’s been said that a way to keep the momentum going is to continually have greater goals.

That’s great advice for all of us. Accomplishing goals step by step helps builds confidence and teaches us that as long as we consistently strive towards our goals, we can be successful.

2016 was fantastic for LG Commercial Displays. Ultimately we were able to help many more businesses elevate their brand image, create better customer experiences and stand out from the crowd.

But it was a step-by-step process. It began with the introduction of the amazing 86-inch Ultra Stretch display at DSE. Then came the revolutionary OLED displays at InfoComm, and that turned the industry upside down.

All the while our Roadshows were bringing this technology to exciting venues in areas that don’t have major digital signage shows. And that was the idea. We wanted to get as many people up close and personal with LG innovations. You gotta see it to believe it, after all.

To keep the momentum going we created more whitepapers, eBooks and webinars filled with insights on making the most of our technologies.

And as business grew so did our partner base, so we enhanced our LG PRO partner program to share more of our success with those that help make it happen.

And finally, with all the new information our website visitors wanted mobile convenience. So we gave it to them in spades. Not just with optimization, but with a completely new mobile-ready website, rewritten and redesigned to offer more across the board.

So as 2016 closes out, we’re very pleased with what the year enabled us to achieve. And we’re setting greater goals to stay onward and upward.

Now the story turns to you. In 2017 we want to get to know you better, become more interactive with you and know what’s on your mind. So stay tuned, because we’ll be reaching out.

All of us at LG Commercial Displays wish you a happy, healthy and rewarding 2017, brimming with Life’s Good moments. See you in January.