INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES: The Best Time to Purchase

Lyle Bunn


Digital Media Strategy Architect, BUNN
Lyle Bunn is an independent analyst, advisor and educator providing digital place-based signage expertise to end users in the planning, design, sourcing and optimization of their initiatives. He has published more than 300 articles, whitepapers and “how to” guides and helped to train over 10,000 end user and supply professionals. See


On a recent family vacation the question was constantly asked, “can we leave yet?” The same question applies to the purchase timing of dynamic signage projects, and this question applies at two key stages including planning and purchase.

The best time to start the purchase is when a problem or an opportunity is first realized. Dynamic signage is a proven tool for improving branding, revenues, profitability, inquiries, information posting and modernizing an environment.

As the family considers the options for a vacation, some questions merit attention when considering dynamic signage as an option to meet a need or opportunity. These include:

  • What generally do we expect to get from our investment?
  • What generally might this cost? A telephone call or meeting with an LG representative or one of its many integration partners will allow for a general order of magnitude amount to be established.
  • Can we afford this, or afford not to do this? Budget availability is important and it is important to know at the start that purchase decisions can be made.
  • Where might the displays be suitably placed so the content is highly visible or interactions are possible? Dynamic displays often replace static signage or are added to important or high traffic locations so that viewers are well served and the displays do not obstruct traffic flow.
  • Who should lead the planning? And should all involved be available to contribute so their interests are met by the possible investment?
  • How will we know that it is providing good value? This element of planning for maximum benefits will serve the initiatives later as messaging is optimized to continuously improve return on investment.

The answers to these questions provide a feeling of satisfaction that more in-depth planning is merited and will be successful toward the purchase, implementation and use of dynamic signage.

Fear of the unknown is overcome as questions are asked, in particular when they are continually put in the context of what is needed or intended.

As planning is deepened and refined, a clearer picture of the ideal solution emerges. Numbers and sizes of flat panel displays, software capabilities, connectivity, mounting approach, content strategy and impact analytics all fit together as pieces of the picture.

Risk is managed as the features and functions of each element of the dynamic signage technology ecosystem are considered as part of the overall solution in a holistic approach to media presentation and viewer engagement that will achieve the desired outcomes.

This consideration defines the best value for purchase against current and future-state requirements. Best value considers total cost of ownership over an operating period where capital and cost of operations are both considered.

The best time to purchase is when the consideration of how the purchase will lead to realization of benefits is complete. With this confidence comes the alleviation of fears.

Fear of the unknown – that there might be something better or that the solution might not be the best fit – is the major concern in making the purchase, but when planning defines the need, these fears give way to confidence of correct action.

The best time to purchase is when the planning is done and the solution that fulfills the need is defined.

The welcome answer to the family vacation question, “Can we leave yet?” is like the answer to the dynamic signage question “Is now the best time to buy?” The answer is “Yes, now is the time” when the planning is done, the intended outcomes are decided, the right people are gathered and the way of getting to the destination is known. Needs turn into plans for all important journeys.